2MIA FM Presenters

Become a Presenter

At 2MIA FM we are proud of the personalities, the people who sit behind the mic to entertain and inform you, our listeners.

They are the voice of our station. 

How to become a presenter

Becoming a presenter at 2MIA FM is pretty straight forward. You either visit the station and pick up a membership form, or download one HERE.

Fill that form in, get 2 people to sponsor you (don’t worry, if you don’t know anyone who works with us, just drop in and we’ll find a sponsor and co-sponsor for you) and the Board of Management will decide whether to accept you at their next meeting.

Once the board accept you, pay your membership dues and you will have to undergo training by Dolf. Once Dolf is happy you are competent you will be allotted time for your show.

That’s it, folks, after following those steps, you’ll be heard all around the world on 2MIA FM.

Why would I want to be a presenter?

Why wouldn’t you? Radio has been a part of the lives of most Australians since the early 1920′s and it’s not going anywhere soon.

Some of our personalities have gone onto have successful radio careers in both the Community radio AND Commercial radio sectors.

By being one of our presenters, you will learn the valuable skills that are needed in the radio industry. Radio is an art form, and like all arts, you need to be trained in order to shine.

If you are not interested in a career in radio, the skills are still handy to have, not only that, but you can make some great friends as well. Almost every town and city in Australia has a community or commercial station, so no matter where you move, you can always find one to assist at, and it’s a great hobby. All we ask is that you be professional at all times when you are on air.