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Presenter - Scott Williams

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Background: Scott Williams grew up in Griffith before living in Sydney and Canberra. Scott had been involved in short filmmaking during the turn of the century, enjoying the roles or writer, director and producer. Following his brief stint in the arts, Scott delved into the world of science, completing a Bachelor of Science at the Australian National University. During his undergraduate study, Scott undertook research in the area of planetary science, a branch of science that explores the formation of the Solar System. Furthering his interests, Scott went on to complete a Graduate Certificate of Astronomy and developed a seven part public space science lecture series, which he has presented in various public speaking arenas around NSW. Scott is currently studying toward a Masters degree in Astrophysics and is also actively involved in customised website design and volunteering for the Griffith Neighbourhood House and the Griffith Carevan.

Music Interests: Scott has had a love of smooth and contemporary jazz for about 20 years. He frequently listens to ABC Jazz and an assortment of internet jazz streams. "I used to frequent a jazz club in Sydney called the Soup Kitchen in the late 90's. It was an intimate venue, and I loved watching the individual skills of each musician close up. Jazz, for me, is sometimes an upredicatable journey and other times pure relaxation. I just love it". As part of his 2MIA FM radio program, Sunday Jazz, Scott presents a mixture of Australian and international jazz, including a segment that features a prominent Australian jazz artist or group. Check out this weeks featured artist/s below. 

Programs: Scott presents his program called Sunday Jazz every Sunday evening between 6:30pm and 9pm.

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