Monday, March 4 2024 6:19 am

Seru Waqalevu

Background: Seru was born and grew up in Fiji, where music was a way of life. Seru has lived in Griffith for more than 22 years and plays an important role as a Fijian and multi-cultural community leader, and a church pastor. Recalling his childhood, Seru describes how music is an integral part of the Fijian dialect, customs and culture. Family and his spiritual beliefs have played an important part in influencing Seru’s love of gospel music. Seru began as a presenter at 2MIA FM in 2016.

Music Interests: Seru has a deep interest in hymns and gospel music, which he regularly included in his weekly program. Most of the music Seru plays is spiritual music sung in the traditional Fijian language. “This music brings peace into my heart and gives hope, strengthens and comforts. But I also love to sing and singing from the heart is the Fijian way.”

Programs: Seru presents his program, The Voice of Fiji, every Sunday.

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