Monday, September 25 2023 6:17 pm

Scott Grinly

Background: Born and bred in Griffith, Scott attended Wade High School, eventually playing Aussie Rules with the Swans under 19’s team as a young man. But all his life Scott has had a passion for dirt bike riding, and had previously been involved in racing. His passions also included radio, as from a young age Scott always had an interest in presenting. In 2013, Scott reached his goal and has been presenting at 2MIA FM ever since. In addition, Scott is a member of the Lake Wyangan Rural Fire Brigade and a committee member of the Cool Water Association in Griffith. Scott is the proud father of three wonderful children.

Music Interests: Scott first became a fan of the band Moving Pictures during their formative years. Australian 70/80’s rock is where it is at for Scott, with the likes of Midnight Oil, Dragon, Rose Tattoo and The Angels toping his list. “I remember there always being music on in the house as far back as I can remember. Now, I’m passing my love of Australian rock onto my kids, and they are loving it too.”

Programs: Scott presents Tradie Radio every Monday evening between 6pm and 8pm, and Friday Night Live every Friday between 8pm and 11pm.

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