Sunday, January 29 2023 8:09 pm

Rocky Sillis

Background: Rocky was born and bred in Bungendore NSW, and attended secondary schooling in Canberra. He grew up in a family who had a liking for horse riding, so it is not surprising he took up rodeo riding for a time. Rocky also worked as a shearer and has always had a love of the country life. In the late 1980’s, Rocky was instrumental in establishing the Bungendore Country Music Muster, which has grown very popular for country music lovers. Eventually meeting his wife and moving to Leeton, Rocky lead the way in establishing the Leeton Country Round-Up music festival in 2004, which attracts established independent country music artists from around Australia. He began as a presenter at 2MIA FM in 2013.

Music Interests: Rocky grew up, as so many did, enjoying rock ‘n’ roll music in his younger years, but he has always had a fondness for country music. Artists such as Slim Dusty and Rick and Thel played a large part in influencing his musical taste. “I love listening to their music, but sometimes it makes me a little sad because they have passed on”. Listening to his favourite country music also stirs his memories. “When I listen to Slim Dusty I remember my old shearing days, that’s what we all used to listen to.”

Programs: Rocky presents Rocky’s Country Round-Up every Wednesday evening between 6pm and 8pm (ish).

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