Thursday, May 26 2022 12:01 pm

Lynda Lane

Background: Lynda has been involved with 2MIA FM 95.1 now for over five years. She is passionate about the Griffith community, which she demonstrates through her board and administrative roles for the Griffith Community FM Association Inc. Lynda enjoys graphic design and social media engagement. She enjoys being creative and actively promotes 2MIA FM‘s Facebook and Instagram.  She keeps the accounts in check and manages the host of administration items to keep 2MIA FM 95.1 in compliance with ACMA and the CBAA.

Music Interests: Lynda played percussion in her highschool band, including piano, xylophone and crash cymbals amongst other percussion instruments. Growing up in the 1980s, Lynda remembers music from Billy Joel, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Starship, Samantha Fox, Taylor Dayne and Eurythmics. As a teenager, Lynda enjoyed the 90s chart music and still enjoys an eclectic mix of genres which includes classical, opera, rock, heavy metal and international music. Lynda saw Pink during her Funhouse tour in Melbourne 2009, and still listens to and loves artists such as KD Lang, The Indigo Girls, Sarah McLachlan, Sarah McLeod and No Doubt.

Presents: Lynda co-presents Fireside Time on Sundays at 4pm with Lorraine and she co-produces It’s Music with Lynda and The DJ which airs at midnight on Thursdays – in conjunction with new artists via AMRAP.  She creataes and announces recorded sponsorships, community service announcements and contributes extensively to the social media landscape of Griffith Community FM Association Inc via Facebook and Instagram.  

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