Wednesday, October 27 2021 2:01 am

Keith Cheetham

Background: Keith was born and grew up in Liverpool, Great Britian, eventually making his way to Australia as a young man. He has travelled the length and breadth of the country, finally settling in Griffith. Having formally been a Medic, Keith utilises his life saving skills as a volunteer for the St Johns Ambulance and he is active with the NSW State Emergency Service. Keith also provides his vital First Aid experience to community events, free of charge. “I always believe in putting back into the community I live in.”

Music Interests: Keith idolised Johnny Cash during his childhood, and eventually became a fan of The Beatles. However, Keith has always held a soft spot for country music, especially the Australian variety. Top artists John Williamson, Slim Dusty and Warren H Williams are at top of Keith’s favourites list. “I like sitting in my chair with a good book and country music on in the background. That’s my idea of relaxation.”

Programs: Keith presents Keith’s Aussie Country Corner.

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