Sunday, January 29 2023 7:07 pm

Jay Reynolds

Background: Jay (AKA HALO) has been working as a light worker since the passing of his dear mum in 2012. Jays mum always encouraged him to follow his dreams and this support allowed him to step forward and share his abilities with people searching for contact with loved ones who have passed and also people wanting clear and concise messages of empowerment using his highly attuned connection to the spirit world as well as the psychic energy surrounding us.

Jay uses his clairaudience, clairvoyant and clairconizance abilities to communicate and deliver his readings via a variety of forums including face to face readings, phone, internet, radio and platform presentations of mediumship to name a few. Jay is always learning and as a result passes on his learning via teaching others the amazing and powerful ability of communication and connection.

Jay runs his own Facebook group (HALO with Jay Reynolds) as well as sitting on the board of Griffith Soul Family. Jay also regularly delivers heartfelt, clear, concise and validational messages during his many appearances as the Principal Medium of the Combined Spiritual Intuitives group of Griffith.

In his spare time Jay likes nothing more than spending time with his wife of over 18 years and their three teenage child. When Jay isn’t working in the light or spending time with his family you may see him on the road as his job in the health sector sees him on the road most days. When Jay is able to get some time to himself however he continues to strengthen his connection to all things energy so will always find time for a good meditation. Fun fact about Jay and the name HALO, HALO actually isn’t a name at all but rather and acronym for Heavenly Accessing Loved Ones.

Music Interests: Jay enjoys a lot of different genres so his music style will vary from week to week, however the show will definitely have a good mix for everyone. He has attended many concerns from Brooks and Dunn to P!NK to most recently Queen. To say he’d play anything isn’t completely true as he doesn’t like heavy metal or opera.

Programs: You can hear Jay every second Tuesday from 8-10pm where he is joined by his great friend and fellow light worker Calmer Cosmos for their show “The Rockin Psychics”.

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