Saturday, April 20 2024 12:32 am

Father Peter

Background: Father Peter was born in Perth and grew up mostly in Melbourne. In 1999, he made his way to Wagga Wagga where he was invited by Bishop Brennan to prepare for the priesthood at Vianney College (a Catholic seminary, which has attracted students from all over Australia, and the world). In 2010, Father Peter was sent by Bishop Hanna to Griffith, as Assistant Priest at Sacred Heart Parish. In 2014, Father Peter became the Administrator of St Francis Parish, serving the communities of Yenda, Yoogali, Hanwood and surrounds. Outside of his regular church duties, Father Peter enjoys catching up with friends and families, basketball, gym, prayer and study. He became a presenter at 2MIA FM in February 2013. 

Music Interests: Father Peter’s mother loved music, and there was often music in the house as he grew up. In primary school he learned guitar, which he still has a fondness to play. He recalls hearing contemporary christian pop music for the first time in his 20’s, in a christian cafe/bookshop in Melbourne. “It was like a breath of fresh air for me, with a sweet beat and inspiring lyrics. I want to share the blessing of christian pop ‘n’ rock music, as an attractive alternative to mainstream radio. It is soul-stirring, for all ages, with a good message inspiring life, love, hope and faith.”

Programs: Father Peter co-presents Life is Worth Living with Anna Rossetto every alternate Friday between 6pm and 8pm.

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