Saturday, September 30 2023 2:03 am

Dolf Murwood

Background: Dolf has been in Griffith for over 20 years. From an early age, Dolf was encouraged to learn classical music, leading to his instruction in classical piano and becoming proficient in many other classical instruments. But in his younger days, Dolf always had a love for jazz. These days his love of music has few bounds, as he appreciates and enjoys a whole raft of music genres. Dolf commenced presenting at 2MIA FM in 2010, but did have some prior commercial radio experience.

Music Interests: Dolf’s classical background and genuine interest in many genres has made him a versatile listener. This has influenced Dolf as a presenter, as he presents an eclectic mix of music that caters to a broad audience. “What I enjoy most about all the different music styles is the intricacies. I can visualize the music and appreciate its structure.”

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