Sunday, January 29 2023 7:32 pm

Bruno Guidolin

Background: Bruno was born and grew up in the small Italian town of Riese Pio X. In 1959 at the age of 19, Bruno made the long journey to Australia, arriving in Melbourne. He soon relocated to Griffith and established an engineering business in 1964, which he still operates today under the name Guidolin Agrimac. Over the years Bruno has volunteered for various local Italian clubs, as well as volunteering twelve years at the Griffith Cycle Club and thirteen years at the NSW Bocce Federation. He enjoys staying active and cycling, and has taken part in some high profile racing tournaments in the past. Bruno began presenting at 2MIA FM in 2012.

Music Interests: Bruno has always loved Musica Leggera, which is a traditional mix of Italian folk and dance music. He recalls having to wind-up a phonograph and listening to the music and dancing as a young man. In 2012, he co-presented an Italian music show with Father Beltrame, but after the Fathers retirement Bruno kept the show going on his own until he was eventually assisted by Gloria Tappi and John Bortolazzo. “When I hear the music I sometimes get goose bumps, hearing the bells and remembering the old days back in Italy. It gives me great joy that I can share my love of Italian music with the community, especially the older generations, but I also know this music is quite popular with the younger generations back in Italy these days.”

Programs: Bruno presents the Italian Hour for Father Beltrame every Thursday between 6pm and 8pm.

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